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Post by Sinister Draconis Bakura on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:53 pm

:vibomon: Greetings everyone, my name is Yami Sinister Draconis Bakura. Here is my intel:

You may call me Bakura, Baka, Drac or Sinister. Doesn't really matter much to me anyways. I have been called many things over time.

I have the power to shape-change into a Dragon. Something creatures like myself do when threatened, or when they're just too lazy to walk down the street.

I am a Necromancer. I have the abilities to work with the dead, and resurrect them, for my own usage.

RL intel:

The name "Draconis" comes from a particular set of Stars in the night sky. You can look them up on Google, if you don't believe me. It's from a real constellation. I am a male that's just under 6 feet tall, and loves to write and do art. I spend my days working, so if I'm not on, that's probably why. I don't much like pictures, but I might post one of myself here or to my failbook. Depends really. I have trust issues like anyone else, and I also feel out of place without reason. I do often bleach my hair, sometimes until it's white. I am light-skinned and have a slightly strange (to you guys probably not to Luca however) accent. People in real life call me Drac Baka or Drac Bakura. It's been so for about ten years now. I usually just go by either.

Forgive my spelling. If I mess up, it's because IE has no correction.

If you have questions, there is no shame in asking. Just beware that you will get nothing but the truth. Regardless of just how horrible it will make you or I feel.

Sinister Draconis Bakura
Sinister Draconis Bakura
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