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Well hello there fuckers >.>

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Well hello there fuckers >.> Empty Well hello there fuckers >.>

Post by The Luciferian Devil on Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:39 pm

I must be cursed! The moment I make an account of my own on the old Site we get hacked >.>

Well anyways you all know me as Kyle, that asshat that's married to Bluey in real life. We're not all that close anymore for reasons but meh here I am. I will probably ninja the Site or just never post. It's what I do. I play tons of video games and shit. Using my friend's PSN account so add her.

Slifer_Mercas [ PS3 tag ]

Peace motherfuckers.

-The Luciferian Devil

Well hello there fuckers >.> 16ec2441-445e-4f18-875b-a81450cb5d21
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