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Melvin the Tyrannical Sinner: Worship your Tyrant King! Empty Melvin the Tyrannical Sinner: Worship your Tyrant King!

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:09 am

:Tyrant: My name is Melvin Louie [Leon!!!]

Here since everyone wants to be me: Yes, my IRL name is Melvin Louie-Leon. I am exactly 5 foot and 9 inches and I weigh like 156 pounds. I have a really big dick, and if you don't believe me, ask the Circle - I have whipped it out high TONS of times. I am an arrogant, manicial, egotistical maniac, who calls himself a King because he is. I relate myself close to the WOLF because we (the Circle) operate as a pack OF wolves. I show no remorse for anyone, and I protect only those who are worthy. I do NOT RP, I simply go around being myself. Why? Because fuck you - that's why. I literally have standing blue hair, and make strange faces at everyone all the time.

I am out-going, and psychotic, and should actually be in jail right now. I have been thrown off rooftops, done 666 different kinds of drugs, and I have stuffed needs in my arm and lit them on fire with birthday candles inside of them. I have jumped in front of cars, and have been submitted to horrifying things. I am not a nice person, don't you dare mistake me for it. I have tortured people and have done terrible things to the ones I love in the name of violence. I accept who I am, and you all worship the ground I walk upon because most people are too afraid to do it. My "character" is me that I have seen in my nightmares. I believe in past lives and he comes from that, and a story that we wrote. Blu is the reason my hair is blue and will remain so. Don't like it? Suck me. Because I don't fucking like you either.

I don't give one single fuck about who does what you piss me or the other Mods off and I will ban you. That's not a threat either, it's a promise. I am overly hot-headed and a complete dick to those that treat me wrong. I can be really laid back, but I'm a lit fuse ready to go off at any time. I love shotguns, Modern Warfare 3, RP and just doing random chill shit. Don't leave me messages when I'm drunk, I probably won't get to them..... lol just kidding. Spam my wall all ya want, I'm willing to make friends -smirks- that time, I was kidding.

Yourz truly ~ The Tyrannical Sinner. Melvin.
-Site's Master DICK Mod & Admin-
Melvin Louie-Leon
Melvin Louie-Leon
The King of Oblivion
The King of Oblivion

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