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The Sniffer, stealer of your intel.

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The Sniffer, stealer of your intel. Empty The Sniffer, stealer of your intel.

Post by WREX on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:48 pm

badcat Hello my name is WREX. When you address me, you will spell my name properly, in all capitals. I am an Ancient Reversed God of Oblivion, who serves Little Yami. I am from the Original Site, the one before this surely. But I failed to make a profile, because I normally just share with her when she's in RP. I'm the kinda guy that will sit there for eons, just watching - and waiting. I am wise and I am smart, but don't mistake my patience for kindness. I am totally evil and absolutely thralled by it. I personally know the Tyrant, and a few others here that call themselves "the Circle" (though, I do not know all of the Circle, just the Original part of it). I have tracking capabilities, and ways of learning about you. Anything that has ever been posted, I can secretly obtain. I am perhaps one of the smarter fucks that runs around these parts, so do not become of "interest" to me, and we shall get along just fine. I am coming in as an Administrator, but you can just call me a Mod. I am simply here to serve the Site, and will be appearing "Offline" - usually. I do not have a facebook at the moment... but perhaps down the road we can work that out. Good day to you all - and stay out of my path.

::: WREX :::
If you remember me, you know me. If you have seen me, we are allies.
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