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Hello nice to meet you XD Empty Hello nice to meet you XD

Post by MeracleChamlotte on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:59 am

Hello!! Just so people know who I am, I'm Ami Timaeus on facebook, those of you that have me should know that is my real life account! My other facebook is Meracle Chamlotte. I am not a girl but I love that character <3 shes adorable and I would love her more if she as a guy -_-!

I have been role playing for about a year now. I haven't done much role playing lately because I was role playing as Yami no Yuugi before and had people hatting on me for not doming them when clearly I am a sub. I will not even try to be dominate with any of you so don't bitch me out for it if you do I'll drop your ass so hard its not even funny -_-;;;;;;;;!

Things I hate about crap role players(IF YOUR A CRAP ROLE PLAYER I WONT ROLE PLAY WITH YOU EVER!): God modding, poor grammar, reused starters(they get bland), one liners, straight pairings(if its a group thing by all means but I wont be part of it unless my character is female I don't do much pairing shit), I WILL NOT STAND FOR PEOPLE TELLING ME TO CHANGE MY POST B/C ITS NOT THE WAY THEY WISH IT TO BE!

^^^If you can at least keep these things in mind I will gladly role play with you Smile! HMMM a bit more about me, I don't like anything cuter then me unless its one of my friends >.> only exception. I can be annoying at times and I will not be offended if you ask me to tone it down in a nice way. I love cats they are so cute *w*! My fave colours are pink and blue. I am one of Tou's little ones. I'm nice to everyone until you piss me off, I wont hold back if you piss me off.

Please don't mistake anything I said here as me being rude or bitchy. I'm just tired of people stabbing me in the back over stupid things. I am also tired of people bitching me out for no reason and trying to change me Sad! I don't want to be mean to people but I don't want to be hurt anymore either.

I'm just here looking for people who know how to role play well.
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