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I suppose I should do one of these, new site and all...

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I suppose I should do one of these, new site and all...

Post by spyrothedragonpony on Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:31 pm

Well helloooo.... Most of you probably have no idea who I am, it's better this way, then I don't have to listen to any of your personal shit, or have to care about it! Yay for me!

As it says under my avatar, I am the sites dragon, I have been since before any of you even existed as far as i'm concerned, and i've been with this group ever since the start riiiiiiiight back when we didn't even have a site, cus i'm a badass like that.

Cuntish introduction aside, I also have admin power here, so any issues that you for some reason can't be arsed to bug any other mods/admins with, feel free to bug me about them. Probably better this way since half the time they don't want your shit. I'm not going to be as active around here as most others, because i'm lazy as fuck, but i'm just about always on Skype and shit. But even here, I assure you that the disapproving, slightly cross-eyed stare of my hand drawn Commissar Rainbow Dash is always on you, making sure you don't fuck up... So don't fuck up.

So hi, bye, good evening and hi again!

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Site's Dragon

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