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Official Intel: What's in the Site?

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Official Intel: What's in the Site? Empty Official Intel: What's in the Site?

Post by The Ultimate Blueness on Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:38 am

Official Intel: What's in the Site? Ultimateblue-1-1
Here are some things that we have on the site, so that you guys can have a good time.
All of us Mods and Admins are very laid back, but we have to enforce the rules, just like anywhere else.
Please read them, and take them seriously.

1. We have Free RP - simple, more like FB where you just post a sentence or two.
2. Casual RP - a paragraph or a few
3. Advanced RP - where you're writing a short story novel of a post
4. Forum Games/Spam section, where you can post GIFs, Pix, and Just play around
5. A Mature Content Section [see a Mod to View that Section, it's a Setting we'd have to alter]
6. And Rules Sections. Rules need to be followed, to ensure the stability of the site, and so everyone's treated fairly.
7. There is a Chat System at the bottom of the website. The Mods however, have a Hideout that they use, but they're on and off with the chat on here as well.
8. We also have a Mentor Area, for those of you new to the site, and roleplaying, or just writing in general.
9. We have a Writing/Poetry section - this is for expression and such, outside of RP
10. And last, but not least, we have an Art Gallery, where you can show off just how awesome you are!

If anyone would like permission to join an RP, simply message the people you'd wish to join. Several different people will appoint themselves GMs, but in order to do this, they should get familiar with the site and how it all functions first (highly recommended that they play around in Spam so that they can practice color-coding and picture-making, things of that nature). Please behave yourselves and be mindful of the others on the website. I don't want to have to ban anyone.

There are Rules for the Mature Content Sections that are hidden.
Please see me for more information, or my Co-Admin Mister Dox. (TheParadox) Don't see Melvin, he's just crazy. Razz
Also, don't do anything too brash (unless you're in the Mature Section), otherwise the Auto-Banner (Lil Yami) will get you.

Thanks, and again, Welcome to the Ultimate Hideout!

~Blue's Ultimate Administration~
The Ultimate Blueness
The Ultimate Blueness
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The Color God of Blueness

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