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Post by Vergil Apep Sparda on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:35 pm

Hello there one and all, my name is as it says, Vergil Apep Sparda. Call me Vergil, very few have the privilege to call me Apep and actually get a response from me. If you deserve the right, it will be given to you. So, my name is Vergil and quite simply, I am not something you can easily comprehend, and giving that kind of intel is not something I plan on doing. You maggots are not deserving of such grand information.

I am here for Aura, that is simple enough, everyone else pretty much mean nothing to me and I will gladly step on you to get to her. Don't test me, I promise you will fail.

With that said, have a good day.
Vergil Apep Sparda
Vergil Apep Sparda
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Consumer of Godz

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