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Post by KyoYokai on Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:44 pm

(This is being posted for Kyo, hes not good at being nice or talking about himself sometimes so I'ma do it for him, tis Tou btw!)

Kyo has been role playing for about 10 years or more online. I know that he doesn't normally do one liners, but doesn't mind doing them as long as the grammar is good. In the past he has been known to be a bit of a player via role play. He does not like real life relationships and will not put up with drama. Kyo has a bit of a temper and is not scared to be blunt with people. By no means is he mean to anyone or spends his time chewing them out, he simply likes to tell you how he feels and he doesn't hold back. This has kept him from making friends and normally ticks people off. Trust me as his older brother he is not that bad of a person he just needs to learn what a filter is(Hes slowly learning somethings are best not said).

I know Kyo has been into Fruits Basket in the past, he doesn't seem to be to into that anime/manga anymore, but I wouldn't know for sure. He has of late gotten into the games 'Devil May Cry'. He has yet to finish the first one but I know he really seems to like it and is close to getting to the 2nd game. He has done online gaming but it doesn't seem like something that really interests him. He has gone to conventions and cosplayed, but hasn't in a good 3 years.

He wont admit it but he is really a shy person. Knowing him he will kill me for saying that, but whatever. Kyo wears his bluntness and his temper as a shield. He doesn't normally let people close b/c of past advents I will not tell any of you about b/c that is his own business.

As far as I know he has only cosplayed as the character you see in his avatar picture. Which is just him, so getting to know him is best to really understand his character. Kyo clearly is not his real name but he wont let anyone he meets ever know his real name anymore, for personal reasons.

PLEASE DON'T TAKE HIS ANGER ISSUES TO HEART. It's kinda like Mel, best not to listen to Kyo if hes angry XDD! Hes a good guy really, just give him time to warm up to all of you!

His facebook is not a role play account(he quit roleplaying for a bit not sure how long) 'Kyo Martin' he uses it as a real life account just keep in mind he wont add you if he doesn't know you.

That's all I can think to say....PLEASE BY ALL MEANS TALK TO HIM XDD!
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