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Dissy Dissy Dissy~  Empty Dissy Dissy Dissy~

Post by DIZ the CUNT DESTROYER on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:59 pm

~Best topic title ever~

Ello peoples, my name is Dissy or Diz. I'm known as many things. xD

I'm 14 years old, although a lot of people seen to think i'm around 18-20, this happens a lot when i'm playing WoW.
I'm pretty hyper, out of control, but i'm also pretty friendly. Very Happy Until you piss me off, then I just lose it and go off at you, as many of the siters have seen my statuses when i'm mad.

I live in Australia, the land where it's bloody hot all the time.
Oh! and I love to RP, i've only been roleplaying for about two years so i'm not the best, I reckon I still need practice but i'm getting there.
I'm nearly always nervous when I RP because I used to get yelled at a lot if something didn't make sense or I made a spelling mistake or it's not long enough. Etc, etc.

Anywho, i've been a siter for a while now. I actually don't know how long, somewhere between 6/5/4 months. And I love every single one of the siters and love to go off at anyone who wants to start shit with us.

Nice to meet ya' all. tongue
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