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Post by Alby-TouCorruption on Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:22 pm

Hey I'm Touzokuou Unwanted Corruption (Tou-Kura Unwanted Corruption/Albel TheWicked Nox). My friends call me Tou or Alby. I have been role playing for about 2 years now, I have stopped a few times for drama issue that people seem to have and I have no interest being a part of. For the most part I don't role play at all b/c I don't go out of my way to start a role play, so mostly just role play with Mel XDD <3! If you want to role play with me then by all means let me know and get your starters ready.

I will not role play with you if you do the following/personal reasons as to why I wont do some role plays as well: One liners, poor grammar, crap ocs(I don't mind oc characters but fucking do it right), Marry sues, reused starters, God modding(unless your a close friend of mine then I will let that shit slide), I AM ALSO STRONGLY AGAINST RAPE I can let it slide if its not to over done(if you know my reasonings for it then I can let it go as long as you have an understanding where I am coming from, meaning if your a close friend of mine, I don't really want to talk about this but lets just say its something that is part of my past and people around me have been effected by it I LET IT GO FOR YOU MEL YOU TYRANT FUCKER YOU <3 XPP), I AM STRONGLY AGAINST DOING STRAIGHT PAIRINGS I can do it I don't mind but I have my limit(I started role playing doing straight pairings so I can do it...but respect the fact that I am gay in real life :DD! ALL OF THE FUCKING HOMO imeanwhat I'm totally tailsexual for Mel's tail IMEANDAFUCKWHAT!), crap story plots are a HUGE no to me.

Please just keep the shit up there ^^^^^^^^^^^ in mind if you want to role play with I am easy going and open minded to story plots and characters, so please by all means tell me what your looking for in a role play and if I am interested I'll let you know. I do have shit that I am into, but I'm not the type to start a role play or write a plot, I like going with someone elses story lines, its more fun in my books. I can wing it if there isn't a story plot so no worries as long as I like your character I am down!

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